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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Agri Marketing and its Current Status in Pakistan

Posted by Shakil Shaukat On Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Agricultural marketing involves all services that are employed in moving an agricultural produce from farm to the consumer and includes planning, sowing, harvesting, picking, grading, transporting, storage and processing, distribution, marketing and selling etc.
Farmers threshing and Packing wheat grains

Agricultural Marketing Information

Market information generally refers to market price information, and in some cases includes information on quantities. Marketing information is a wider concept, including information on marketing channels, buyers, quality standards and so on.
It includes information of all institutions, activities and functions to move agricultural produce from farm to consumer.

Agencies Involved in the Information System

1. Agricultural and Livestock Products Marketing and Grading Department (ALPMGD),
2. The Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS)
3. The provincial government departments/agencies and trade associations and producer groups.

Status of Agricultural Marketing in Pakistan

1. Trading in large number of agricultural and livestock products is freely permitted and is entirely in the hands of private enterprise.
2. Their internal movement is practically free and their market prices are determined by supply and demand and other market forces.
3. The local administration may fix the price of items such as meat, milk and eggs which come under their jurisdiction.
4. The public sector intervenes in one way or another in main food grain, sugarcane, cotton and tobacco marketing. The nature of such interference depends on the specific objective.
WHEAT: Wheat procurement at seasonally fixed prices is made to meet the food requirements of general consumers and ensure suitable prices to the growers. For current year 2012-13, the procurement price is fixed at Rs. 1200/ 40 kg.
RICE: Rice is procured for export and to provide incentive to growers to increase production by ensuring them better prices.
COTTON: The prices of both lint and seed cotton each season. The ginners have thus to purchase seed cotton from growers at fixed prices and sell lint at specified prices.
TOBACCO: Minimum prices for different grades of tobacco are also fixed seasonally and tobacco companies are not allowed to buy from growers at lower prices.