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Friday, February 01, 2013

Landscape Design and its Personalization

Posted by Shakil Shaukat On Friday, February 01, 2013

Landscape is defined as an area planted within urban surroundings, near a building, near pavements, or as a park, etc.
Landscape Horticulture:
A branch of horticulture that specializes in the use of woody ornamentals and turf.
Landscape Design:
The drawings, models, or action of laying out structures, land activities, recreational facilities, vegetation, land cover, erosion protection, watering methods, etc.
A walking path in a forest setting is a beautiful example of landscape design
Landscape Manager:
Landscape managers are professionally trained and qualified experts in landscaping management for conservation and recreation stewardship of designed and natural landscapes.
Scope of Landscape Design
  • Focus on both integrated master landscape planning and garden design.
  • Related with disciplines like architecture, soil, and civil engineering, botany and artisan specialties.
  • Emphasis on urban planning, city, and regional park.
  • Need special skills, education and experience for its maintenance.


There are fashions in theories of landscape aesthetics as well as public preferences for landscape. Secondly, the aesthetic appreciation of landscape is not something that should be, or can be, divorced from the rest of our experiences. It means the relationship between humans and landscape is essentially an interaction that can take place in many different ways.

Cultural Impact

A central underlying premise is that culture and landscape interact in a feedback loop in which culture structures landscapes and landscapes inculcate culture. The following broad principles are proposed:

1. Human landscape perception, cognition, and values directly affect the landscape and are affected by the landscape.
2. Cultural conventions powerfully influence landscape pattern in both inhabited and apparently natural landscapes.
3. Cultural concepts of nature are different from scientific concepts of ecological function. 
4. The appearance of landscapes communicates cultural values.

Personal Impact

Factors from individual and community level influencing the ecology of landscape design and plantations include;

  • Education, income and occupation
  • Age
  • Familiarity
  • Gender
  • Cultural background and ethnicity