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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Problems of Seed Sector in Pakistan and Possible Solutions

Posted by Shakil Shaukat On Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seed is the basic requirement of agriculture. Every crop grows from some seed.
So this seed should be of
i. good quality
ii. genetic purity
iii. health and
iv. must have certain traits
problems of seed sector in pakistan and possible solutions
To maintain a check and balance on the seed in the market and determine its use, there exist an institute known as Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department. 

The Confusing Situation

After the 18th constitutional amendments, the management of this department came to the Punjab government but federal government still has hold on it. And due to this situation, there is a confusion among the governments as to who will control this so crucial department of agriculture sector in the country. In this confusion, there is a big problem rising, this is about the seed which farmer is buying from the market and growing in his farm. 
Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department is running under the 1976 act. This means, it is directly subdue to the federal government. But there the problem starts, for entire Punjab there are only 10 inspectors to monitor seed market which is a small figure and the federation is not ready to increase its manpower. The provincial government asked the federation to either devolve or assign it a role and develop a new provincial version of the act. The federation denied this and continued its operation as it was doing before. 

Seed Market Division

The seed market of Punjab, consists of 30% seed from private sector, 30% from government and remaining 40% seed is farmer's own seed which he saves from previous crop to store in next season. Keeping in view this status of seed market, it is highly uncertain to say what quality of seed the farmer is being given. The private seed companies, individuals and other part timers in this business are ruining the agriculture sector. There needs to be a monitoring of the seed quality coming into the market from any source, a uniformity. 

A Ray of Hope

The agriculture sector already has many problems in it. There is a definite need for fair, transparent and unbiased monitoring of the market and anybody involved with the seed production.
The seed companies, farms, multiplication farms, their varieties needs to be registered and brought into mainstream. At the same time, the confidence of the 40% farmers must also be boosted to lure them purchase good quality seed and increase the production and get a fair return of their work in these times of inflation and high bills. 
The international agriculture is surpassing with novel productions from the hybrid seed but the seed sector in the Pakistan is still stuck at the pre-basic seed and that even lower quality. The agriculture sector must increase its efficiency through proper regulation and usage of resource, induction of new technology and better extension work needs to be done. 

And for all this to happen, we need to be loyal with ourselves, our work and our nation.