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    Welcome to PakAgriFarming

    PakAgriFarming is commited to high standards in extension of agriculture in Pakistan through simple and factual information and topics related to the hottest issues in Pakistan Agriculture.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

BS (4 Years) Agriculture Admissions open in Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Lahore

Posted by Shakil Shaukat On Friday, September 12, 2014

BS Agriculture (04 Years Program) Admissions open at



Admissions are on the open merit basis.
Prospectus and admission applications are available from and accepted in departmental office only.
Major Programs are presently offered are;
1. Plant Pathology
2. Horticulture
3. Food Science & Technology
(More Major programs are expected to start soon.)


Who can Apply:

Candidates who have successfully completed F.Sc. (Pre-Medical).

Important Notes:

  • The admission offices will remain open on Saturdays.
  • The dues should be deposited on the concerned banks.
  • The candidates whose names appeared in first and second lists but they could not deposit the dues due to some reason can also be considered in third and fourth lists upon request of the applicant.
  • Fourth and final list will be prepared with three times of the available seats from waiting list.