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Monday, October 07, 2013

Introduction to Hybrid Seeds

Posted by Shakil Shaukat On Monday, October 07, 2013

Hybrid seeds are the F1 off springs of the two distinct parent varieties from the same species.
Introduction to Hybrid Seeds (cover)
Introduction to Hybrid Seeds (cover)

Hybrid Seed Industry in Pakistan

Introduction to hybrid seed have brought revolution in the seed market. The farmers have heightened their trusts in the hybrid seed due to high yields and vigorous seeds. In the wake of this recent changes in the farmers’ interests, hybrid seeds are very popular in Pakistan. Hybrid seed industry has established its roots in most of Pakistan. 
Many seed companies have been established and they are successfully producing and distributing hybrid seeds of vegetables and fruits for field and tunnel crops. One of the famous market for hybrid seed in Punjab is established in Gujranwala city which has dozen of retail stores for sale of hybrid seeds produced on their own farms and imported hybrid seeds.
Hybrid seeds of locally grown vegetables such as chilies, cucumber, okra, gourds, tomato and eggplant are easily available to the farmers.

Advantages of Hybrid Seeds

1. Hybrid seed gives higher yields.
2. Plants grown from hybrid seeds are physically identical.
3. Hybrids often show better vigor and quick growth.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Seeds

1. Hybrid seed costs times more than desi or local seeds because they take more time to grow and are more difficult to produce.
2. If you save and grow seeds from an F1 hybrid plant, don’t assume a similar plant in the next generation.
3. The resulting plants in the second generation are usually gives lower yield, have less vigor, and are much variable in their morphological characteristics.

4. Ultimately you will loss all the benefits you had in growing the original hybrids, and you will get less advantages.